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Camel Wrestling Is Actually A Thing


Camel Wrestling

In Camel Wrestling, two male camels fight it out for a female camel in heat who is waiting nearby. The camels lean on each other to push the other one down, until one runs away.

In January each year there is the annual Camel Wrestling Championship held in Selcuk in Turkey, part of the Selcuk Efes Camel Wrestling Festival. The event is a spectacle that dates back thousands of years, first practised by Turkic tribes more than 2,400 years ago.
Huge crowds come to see the event puts together two bull (male) camels with a female camel on heat nearby. The camels fight it out for the female, leaning on each other to push the other one down. The camel that doesn’t get scared and run away is the winner.
The competition is between Tulu wrestling camels, bred especially for fighting. The winning camels can demand high sale prices.

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